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We are a Surprisingly AFFORDABLE licensed IN HOME family daycare located in beautiful Rancho San Diego,(El Cajon), California  open Monday-Friday from 7:00 am – 5:30 pm with a maximum of having up to 12 children. Our focus is on creating fun filled, educational days. Below are some quick highlights of our childcare. Below is information as to what your child would be doing during the day while here. I am happy to answer all of your questions… 619-456-4900

o A Preschool Curriculum for Ages 3 & Up with Learning Themes Which Include but are not Limited to; Telling Time, Reading, Writing, Sight Words, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Seasons, Animals, Insects, Vehicles, Job Occupations,Currency, Math, Line Tracing, Cutting with Children’s Scissors, Matching, Memory Games, Puzzles, Sorting & Categorizing & More

o Award Winning Pre-K Computer Program for ages 1.5 & up Called ABC Mouse Which is an Award Winning Preschool – Kindergarten Curriculum Offering Thousands of Projects Teaching ABC’s, Reading, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Memorization, Hand/Eye Coordination, Puzzles, Coloring, Practice Writing & More. I invite you to take a look for yourself with this link: http://www.abcmouse.com Click on the Play Button to Start the Video.

o Daily Circle Time Includes Stories, Physical Development Activities, Songs, Dancing, Playing Musical Instruments, Felt Board Learning, Calendar Time, Weather Time, ABC’s, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Concepts, Discussion, Safety, What’s in the Case (Logical Deduction), What’s in the Box (Sensory Perception), Play Acting, Learning about Manners & Feelings, Empathy, Sharing, Communicating Feelings & More

o American Sign Language Series for Babies & Toddlers by “Signing Time” produced by “Two Little Hands”. They have received 81 awards for quality of products. The program consists of DVD’s with words, pictures, songs & video of babies & children signing. We watch the video together and practice the signs as a group and individually throughout the day. Visit the bottom of this page to preview how the DVD lessons are constructed. http://www.signingtime.com If you would like to read up on research that has been done on how Signing Impacts Language Development, Cognitive Development, Social-Emotional Development, Literacy , Subject Areas and more click here…http://www.signingtime.com/resources/sign-language-research/#preschoolA

o Organic Gardening for Kids Learning all About the Planting, Growing, Cultivating Process & Nature

o Kids Cooking Classes Children Make Soups, Entrees, Breads, Snacks & Healthy Low Sugar Smoothies. Before the children start the process we talk about all of the ingredients & allow the children to taste, smell, discuss the ingredients & where we might also see them used & why they are good for us. The children pour liquids, grains, powders etc., measure dry materials, stir, sift, roll, cut (with non-sharp tools) sprinkle, & much more. All actual cooking and baking is done behind a supervised baby gate and children are not allowed near the stove.

o Science Projects & Arts n Crafts Projects


o Sensory Play with Various Tactile Materials A Light Box, & Bins Filled with Toys, Scooping & Pouring Vessels & Molds


o Puzzles & Various Manipulative’s Which Teach how to Lace, Sew, Connect, Build, Disconnect, Screw Together, etc.

We are ecstatic to be a part of this beautiful Rancho San Diego Community serving all the surrounding cities including San Diego, La Mesa, Spring Valley, Santee, Lakeside, Jamul, & Alpine.

o  Fun and Educational Field Trips

Our Field Trips are always very successful! Please see our Photo Gallery Page to view some of the fun we have had with field trips. Please see our Events Page to view just a few of our Field Trips and Parties

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We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to anyone who is unreasonably rowdy, disruptive or who causes trouble in the group. We also reserve the right to refuse service if there are safety concerns with the child to him/herself, toward other children, or with a parent/guardian/family member who harasses our staff members. 

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